Welcome to the Legalesign API

Legalesign.com is an online eSignature service. This is the documentation for its REST-style API.

Legalesign Esign API integration is cost-effective against developing bespoke solutions and is recommended over in-house systems to mitigate accusations of document tampering.

Legalesign is specifically designed with API usage in mind.

  • text/html based templating system that provides a richer scope for document integration (though executed documents are still converted to PDF), and;
  • Legalesign is structured around groups - simple to implement but with the flexibility to describe many organisational systems; and
  • accessible and affordable REST-style API.
  • excellent value for money

In a hurry? Go to quick start - code samples.

“Using the Legalesign API is a breeze, sending and processing e-signed documents couldn’t be easier”

—James, Director of Information Systems @ Ready Project, www.readyproject.com

“I am definitely planning on using the Legalesign API again soon. I appreciated the support and attention to security.”

—Arthur King, Head of IT, N4Gtv.com

For more information about Legalesign, pricing information, and to try Legalesign in a web interface go to: https://legalesign.com/

For technical assistance please email us at support@legalesign.com and we’ll be pleased to help out.

If you’re seeking to integerate Legalesign with another app (basecamp, freeagent, gmail etc) first check out Zapier.com. Zapier enables you to integrate apps without coding. Use this link to join Legalesign on Zapier: https://zapier.com/developer/invite/3361/8d004571f8382b6a5f098897d2701856/


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